Final Day in Baharona

Final Day in Baharona

Again, I come to this blog near tears. I don’t even know where to begin in order to share the emotions we felt throughout the day. It was an incredibly emotional day that began with two of our larger community floors of the week. This was in the batey, Pueblo Nuevo. It was on a hill and required teamwork to make progress on these floors. The youth did incredible job. They have been resilient in the heat and humidity. Our hearts have been set ablaze by the love we have seen and the joy of the Dominicans, who have so very little.

Next we returned home and toured the fifth batey (where we hadn’t been yet this week) and then returned to Los Robles to spend time with the children. Our friends from yesterday ran to greet us. We played games, handed out stickers, gave away the last of our baseball mitts, braided one another’s hair and gave the most sincere and genuine hugs as we said our goodbyes. I had heard the youth from last trip describe how much joy the Dominican Children had found when the “Americanos” drove up, but today from the jubilant hello to the tearful goodbyes, the love of these brothers and sisters in Christ was palpable.

We returned to have a BBQ with the staff that we had grown so close to this week. Together we ate, danced and prayed. We also exchanged our most heartfelt thanksgivings to one another, through our wonderful translator, friend and COTN leader, Franklin.

Taran Denning


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