Travel Day(s)

Good morning/night!

C069C7FD-This was a beautiful sunset photo taken before heavy rain and lightning storms hit Phoenix. We have incredible youth who weathered this storm – the rain and the long layover. Unfortunately our plane was unable to handle the storm and our flight from Phoenix to Miami was canceled.  God placed the right people on this trip and in our path. These youth (as you all know) are incredible! We played games, got to know one another through conversations, braided hair and are still excitedly looking forward to our rescheduled journey to the DR. We will be arriving in the DR on Tuesday afternoon. I will post our updated itinerary in the comments tomorrow morning, (and email parents) but for tonight we are resting in a nearby hotel. Sorry for the short post, but I am headed to get a few hours of sleep. Further details tomorrow.

Lord, thank you for these youth. The joy and patience and humor and hearts for you and for one another are evidence that they are the body of Christ. Thank you for these incredible chaperones and their adaptability and patience with me. Remind us to keep our eyes on you and keep the clouds out of the sky tomorrow!



1 thought on “Travel Day(s)

  1. We are set to fly from Phoenix to North Carolina tonight. North Carolina to DR tomorrow morning. Parents have been emailed a more detailed itinerary.

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