Day 5 – On the Mend

So far this vacation has sucked! But I think it’s going to change now. After two long days of travel I was with our group for one day of site seeing. The next two days were spent in my hotel room. Yesterday we left Bethlehem/Jersusalem and traveled north to Tiberius on the Sea of Galilee where we are staying for two days. On the way we stopped at Caesaria Maritima (Herod the Great’s city called Caesar’s City on the Sea), Mt. Carmel where Elijah hid from Jezebel after defeating the Baal prophets, Nazareth and the Church of the Annunciation, Cana and the Church claiming to be the place Jesus turned water into wine, and finally to our hotel in Tiberius where we look out over the Sea of Galilee with Mt Hermon on the horizon – it’s beautiful. 

I didn’t get to enjoy yesterday’s sites as I spent the time in bathrooms at every stop. Last night they took me to a sketchy walk-in clinic where I saw a doctor that spoke Arabic and wrote me a prescription in Hebrew. I have no idea what I have or what I’m taking, but he said I would be fine in a day by taking these meds for two days. So I’m going to brave it today and try to pilgrimage with the group around the Sea of Galilee on this Day of Our Lord. Blessings to all as you gather to worship Him wherever you are.

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