Our last day together

We left Bachau to travel back to Bucharest. As you can see from the photo above, the weather changed. We forecasted to have rain at least three of the five days we worked, but we only had about five minutes on one of the days. Our weather was beautiful. On the day we left it rained and was cold – until we got to Bucharest and then the evening was decent as we walked around Old Town. In Old Town we saw a beautiful, historic monastery, and several couples having their wedding pictures taken. We also found a Lutheran bar (kidding): “Sinners.” On one side it said, “Sinner or Saint?” I wish it would have followed that up with “Yes” – that was our response anyway. 

We had our last meal together and then we all said our goodbyes. What a great week we had together! Wonderful people that got alone, worked hard in a common purpose, had fun and lots of laughs, and prayed together and for one another. The leadership from Jan and Matt set the tone, and we are all grateful. I’m grateful to Skip and Thrivent for the opportunity, and I look forward to offering such an experience with Skip for folks in our congregation at some point.

Everyone but myself and Jan were leaving Sunday morning. It turns out both Jan and I are staying till Tuesday, and he had already rented a car for Sunday to go visit castles and other historic sites and is letting me tag along. I’m excited to spend a couple of days getting to see the sites and enjoy Romania and the Romanians some more before returning to some very busy and exciting work back home.

To all of my teammates: Multimesc! For other readers, that’s “thank you” in Romanian.

1 thought on “Our last day together

  1. Ben and I have greatly enjoyed reading about your hard work and adventures. Thank you for sharing it all with us. Blessings and prayers for a safe return.

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