ChThe work is never finished

We didn’t complete our goal. We only finished about 385 trusses of the 423 needed (which Jan, Skip, and I – pictured together above – carried more than our fare share). Had we worked a full day today I’m sure we would have completed it. But we leave without the work being finished, which is the case no matter what – even if we’d finished the homes with the families moved in. There will be need for more Habitat projects, more families in need of decent affordable housing.  That’s the case with ministr – all our ministries – the work is never finished.

We were able to tour  a completed home today. There are four duplexes that were completed last year as part of this development. They are two bedroom, kitchen, bath, living room, and attack that are more roomy than the apartments that most people live in, and more affordable. 

At the end of the day, after dinner, we went into town for a festival going on to celebrate the 620th birthday of the city of Bacau (pronounced Bah-cow, with the emphasis on the second syllable). It was just like a carnival or fair in the states. We met our Romanian friends there and had a great time riding bumper cars, eating, drinking, and watching/listening to Romanian folk music and dancing. Tomorrow we return to Bucharest.

I would sum up the experience with one word: gratifying, and humbling, and inspiring, enriching, amazing, trying, fun…

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