Eisenach & Rothenburg

It was an early morning as we had our longest travel day today. We started out by visiting the Wartburg Castle outside Eisenach. It was a beautiful day – finally! And good that it was since the views from the Wartburg are breathtaking, looking out over the Thuringia Forest and the town of Eisenach with the German architecture and red roofs. We then spent some time in Eisenach visiting the Lutherhaus and Bachhaus, St Georgia’s where they both had been choir boys (some 200 year apart), and having lunch in town. Bach was born and raised in Eisenach, Luther had spent some time going to school here in his younger years.
 After lunch we headed south from the region of Thuringia to Bavaria to stay the night in Rothenburg. This is a medieval town with a wall surrounding it – very touristy, and great! Highlights, besides walking the wall, are shopping, the Museum of Torture, and The Night Watchman’s Tour, which is a real treat. Rothenburg was not instrumental to the Reformation or Bach, but it was one of the few cities in Bavaria that became Lutheran, which they did the year Luther died. I had the pleasure of worshipping in their cathedral, St Jacob’s, last time I visited here. One of the most beautiful altarpieces is in the choir loft of this cathedral – a wood carving by Tilman Riemenschneider, completed the same year Luther enrolled in the monastery, 1505.

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